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Bentley Weenerford "THE POTDOG HERO!" (View)

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A real-life teenage student, named Bentley Weenerford III, has serious emotional daydream problems about a group of hotdogs with funny names. At seven years of age he saw his dad get hit and killed rescueing a puppy from certain death.But wait, there is a supernatural element at play. Bentley can't process the trauma so he escapes through a twisted reality where his father has somehow become the rescued puppy.

Like all dreams, his friends at school are their. The cartoon is how he hides from facing life. Although his brain tries to entertain him, it's off the wall nonsense at best.  The scenarios are funny situations where things never go as planned because they are all high on mediacl marijuana. A twisted irreverent play, but always jerked back into reality. What will happen to Bentley (and everyone in his sights) action thriller dreams increase? Will he do anything to stop his pain? Does the devil have the power to control Bentleys mind and future?

Bentley Weenerford

The strange characters in his musical daydream include, Bentley Weenerford lll, himself as "Bent Weener." He's the leader of the weeners, plays a strat guitar, and all around creative pot smoking free spirit.


Aneda Weenerford “Aneda”, Blows...a mean horn and smokes pot. She makes sexy skimpy clothes for younger foxes. She would be interested in a center fold photo session if possible!


Johnson Weenerford “Johnson ”,  lays down a jam totally high on pot, with sticks he hand makes with the best sounding hemp wood. He brings to the group big concert flash, big sound, and Spleef Bats. Then, after the concert he smokes the hemp drumsticks to.


Slapton Weenerford “Slap” Bass dude. He is a funky-big-thumb tall slender bass freak who stutters. He likes necks smooth and fast for funky lines... cause he stutters when he's not high on pot. His life is a mess... until he hears a down beat and his thumb starts to thump.


Russel Weenerford “Rusty” plays keys. He writes computer programs for digital recording nerds. He always brings his computer to gigs and plays with it - until it starts fucking up - then he throws it across the stage. To say he has geek tendencies is an understatment. He wishes he had a little more African American in him.


“Diane” Weenerford “Die'n” also Blows a mean sax. She does charity work for the church and the poor. Very compassionate lady... or a closet slut high on pot ?

Nuts the Weenerford Dog

Nuts the Weenerdog “Nuts” the manager and  producer. He organizes the band behind the scenes and in the studio. Pushing them to play only the best tunes he is very loyal. He also has a big set of nuts that make swishy sounds when he moves around. When they start to heat up he gets pissed. His ears are also very sensitive and rise on great parts of the song. But, he's a cusing, loud-mouthed asshole if you push him.Stay on his good side or else...


"Bury" the Bird

Bury” (sounds like Barry) the Bird. Bury is a pelican, who always finds a way to be where the band is playing. They can’t ditch him. He brings them a stinky fish every day "to share." He sneaks into concerts with stolen back stage passes he swoops down to snatch from some skank trying to get the bouncer to break (with back stage blow job passes). Funny and clumsy, he makes low bass sounds with his stinky voice. Cut to the bird when we go flat?