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"Bentley The POTDOG Hero! (View)

 "Meet the Weenerfords"

This is the story of a teenage boy, who needs special marijuana medicine to fall asleep that turns his life into an animated cartoon from hell! He becomes an animated hotdog, a cartoon character named Bent Weener the first Pot Dog hero!. 

Meet the weenerfords is an action thriller, the story of Bentley Weenerford, a teenage boy growing up on the streets of an unforgiving city where his only escape is to dream…..in animation high on medical pot. 

This is a series filled with many social messages along with original music.

The conflict is the devil used bentley's father to play a deadly game.Now bentley has to fight for his very live every night or, never come out of dream animation and coma. He needs to play the game better or die.

This is a adult cartoon series that looks and sounds like the Hanna-Barbera cartoons that dominated the animation landscape before the rise of adult cartoons, yet deals with social satire predominantly with issues of teenage relations in American culture. This show is a spawn of "Beavis and Butt-Head" and "King of the Hill" comedic formula allowing the show's writers to explore and ridicule every aspect of the suburban American city life experience canvased with original music as the soundtrack.

The main character is "Bentley Weenerford" he has "Animation Delusion Disorder" he never sleeps and must smoke medical marijuanna to cope. He is very aware of his dilemma and must daydream a real cartoon to stop his spiral down with death. His Mom is more than worried that her scared lost little teen won't make it in a heartless city. At the risk of being put away in an insane asylum his mother decides to let him try "Med M" (marijuana). During the treatment the episodes increase and his life takes a turn to discovering himself through his deadly animated dreams. Its fight to survive or die! Bentley becomes know as the first PotDog hero through his animation discovery.

Naturally, the show makes the most of the typical heavy metal themes; drunkenness, screaming guitar solos, violance and blind conformist stupidity. This and the bad deal with the Devil form the core of the show where a cast of Bentley’s animated imagination unleashes characters that unfold to our endless amazement and amusement. We find that Bentley’s Character is blessed with many redeeming qualities and his innocent selfishness never waver. Through the cartoons Bentley finds he becoms known as the first "POTDOG HERO!"

Bentley comes from a broken home where everyday life spins out of control and into animation each night when he takes his " Pot Meds" then finally falls asleep. Screaching sounds and Heavy metal distortation along with kill or be killed is his slang!

He and his Mom are stuck in a poor neighborhood. A jagged decaying unforgiving city where junked cars litter most every dark street. Each episode of his animated dreams also have lessons. They teach him and his cast of characters skills and life lessons. This in turn holds the answer to his future in reality. The main conflict arises a devil terrorist in the cartoon who want to win also and push him to the brink of suicide. But, Bent Weener is allowed to step outside his fears using medicial Pot as his shield.

This is a weekly cartoon series and as he grows into "manhood" he feels there is a dark cloud hanging over him and fears the streets will snuff him out as the gangs have infiltrated his neighborhood.

His mom "Shirley Mae" a widowed 55 year old is his rock and will do anything to help him. Like dreams often do, his best friends from school show up in the cartoons as well. They become the cast of characters in the animation.

There is a stinky pelican named "Barry the Bird" who hangs out at school with a fish in his mouth. He eats everything in sight especially in the school 

He has been know to eat someone’s base ball glove. He is the school mascot. He makes noises that sound like a bass clarinet. At a school recital he ate a mic once and damn near blew up the PA system.

There are a couple more cool beach groupies like Cecil the seal who can't get to all the gigs because he can't make it across the street with out the light changing on him and he damn near got killed on time. When he tries to run away he slips and slides in circles until he's crashes right into the local cop car.

Then there is "Wilson the Walrus" who is so fat he needs eight seats at the concert.  He gets thrown out every time even though he says he'll be quiet.

Last but not least is "UNCLE DEAD WEENER" he owns a fried chicken joint has a pet rooster named "CHARLIE DANIELS", Uncle Dead has hair and a beard that looks like someone glued on some old straw, a throw back from the 60's Jerry Garcia mold. 

The show has elements of the Devil, Sex, Comedy, and Music with hot young edgy characters who can lead.


Throughout the concept of the series, the character become gifted with subconscious elements, that Bentley learns from his animated character high on POT!.